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About Bengal Cats


Today's Bengal belies the formerly held belief that we couldn't cross species.  That genetic "truth" was shattered by the mule, a cross between the ass and the horse.  We have since crossed zebra with horses, and lions with tigers.


But they don't live in your home!  But no true hybrid is as popular as the Bengal cat, a beloved "conversation piece" if there ever was one!  The Bengal will amaze and entrance your friends.  Not only beautiful to the eye, a living room leopard is a highly intelligent, inventive creature.  He gives those closest to him a glimpse into the wild.


Bengals blend into their surroundings


Beautiful Bengal Rosettes

About TopSpot Bengals


(Female Kitten)

We began our cat affair by falling in love with Silver Persians, followed by Exotic Shorthairs and successful CFA competition.  In early 1986 we heard about a wild-domestic cross and as columnist for a major show dog magazine, I was genetically intrigued.


As so often happens, one thing led to another but as a journalist, I knew enough to go to "the source."     I flew from NC to CA to visit with and learn from Jean Mill, founder of the Bengal breed.  Jean graciously shared her extraordinary knowledge and success in developing one of the world's first hybrid domestic cats. 


I was able to buy a fertile F2 female and an F3 male from Jean and a "snow leopard" from Lions Mountain.   He was Bill's favorite.  TopSpot Cattery was TICA registered in 1987 and Jean and I kept in touch until my husband's health forced us to give up our cats in 2002.


But before that sad time in our lives, we

(Male Kitten)

 showed Bengals in Southern shows, dazzling the judges and the public.   In 1993, I flew out to San Diego to a 12 ring show with a spectacularly spotted male kitten.  His wins at that huge show ranked him #3 nationally and he also finished as #1 kitten in the SE Region.


Years after my husband passed in 2005, our office manager who had been with us over 16 years and become like a daughter to me, said something preposterous.  Like "why don't you buy a Bengal again?"


We were able to acquire two exquisite marble females and two spotted girls from Enchanted Tails in CA.  The ultimate achievement was Flashdaze. a spectacular Gogees male who produced our stunning Flashlight girl (at left).